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Fully biodegradable plastics after years of hard development, the film is expected to be a breakthrough in the field, to solve our soil "white pollution" problem fundamentally provides a solution. White soil pollution is a worldwide problem, if our country can be completely biological research and development and application of plastic mulch degradation as a national strategy to give policy support, and the first in our country widely used completely biodegradable plastic film, to solve the soil pollution meaning white significant, and will contribute to the promotion of plastic used in other applications completely biodegradable in the country and the people are a great benefit.

Now fully bio-degradable plastics is the use of domestic and foreign plants producing renewable resources, or by oil production and other non-renewable resources can be completely biodegradable plastic green ecology, not only to reduce the use of fossil energy, but also effectively reduce the environmental pollution, very in line with national five-year plan for energy saving requirements.

However, fully biodegradable plastic mulch applied at present there are three problems: ① high price: is more than twice as common polyethylene film, farmers can not afford; ② of completely biodegradable plastic resin manufacturers have been struggling to support the 10 years, many companies are in a difficult state, follow-up research and development unsustainable. ③ production and application are not mature enough. One is how to control the degradation rate, to ensure that the insulation film during the effective use of Moisture; the second is due to China's vast territory, the use of mulch in the regional distribution of tropical, subtropical and warm temperate, temperate, boreal, such as different climatic zones, to Demand among film insulation properties and degradation rate is large, we need to completely different areas of biological and climatic conditions of the region to adapt to the degradation of the plastic mulch.

China Plastics Processing Industry Association National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center and the China Agricultural Society of Plastics Application Technology jointly organized two consecutive years China Plastic Association degradable plastics belong to special committees, special committees and related plastic sheeting agricultural extension stations are in Hebei, Hubei, Yunnan and three organizations farmland enterprise application test, we have achieved good results, fully biodegradable plastic film is expected to be a breakthrough.

To speed up the fully biodegradable plastic film development and application, hereby submit the following policy recommendations:

1. The special funds to support

The proposed increase is completely biodegradable plastic mulch application of financial support, choose a different area, the expansion of the pilot project and scope for different crops, to further improve performance, increase the actual results, show the market potential, so that farmers can really recognized convinced.

For fully biodegradable plastic mulch application and development subsidies to take, including the central government subsidies and local government subsidies. The central government through science and technology research funds, interest subsidies, etc., to corporate R & D subsidies. Meanwhile, the state can be considered fully biodegradable plastic resins manufacturer and completely biodegradable plastic film production enterprises to adopt low-interest policy, technological innovation special loans, credit guarantee policy to encourage industrial development. In addition, the offer price subsidies so that farmers can afford a completely biodegradable plastic mulch.

2. Support of Tax Policy

Recommends fully biodegradable plastics-related imports of raw materials used low tax rates, at the same time, to promote the export of completely biodegradable plastics can be encouraged to develop a more rational export tax rebate rate.

To encourage and support the development of some high-quality companies, may be exempt from corporate income tax incentives under the new regulations, such as: First, in autonomous regions and encourage businesses to take care of, the provincial people's government, tax cuts can be implemented on a regular basis or tax-free; the second is laws, administrative regulations and relevant provisions of the State Council to give businesses tax exemption in accordance with the regulations.