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Water transfer printing

apply to plat surface and especially complex sharps water transfer printing,Thickness 32(40) μm, widthness 50(80、100) cm, length 1000m/roll .

Time : 2014-08-28
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Water Transfer Printing
Water-soluble PVA film can be used in ceramic, plastic, metal, special-shaped wooden trademark and Pattern Transfer, such as electrical shell, automobile mahogany, mobile phone shell, etc. and successful print in complex sharps.
We have full ranges of film in blank, specifications as below:
Thickness 32(40) μm, widthness 50(80,100) cm, length 1000m/roll.
Applicant to print on the surface of copper, iron, aluminum, zinc, ceramics, glasses, nylon, fiber, wooden, FRP and acrylic etc.
Areas of Application:
1.       automobile accessories: dashboard, control panel, tinsel box, cup holder, cassette holder, rearview mirror frame, operating handle, lock;
2.       electrical products: telephone, video recorder, hi-fi, tele-controller, mouse, clock, keyboard, camera, hair dyer etc;
3.       household products: sofa, tea table, cabinet, ceiling lamp, ashtray, vase, dish for display etc;
4.       daily use products: luggage and bag accessories, handle of tableware, glasses box, pen, pen holder, calendar holder, picture frame, racquet, hairpin, cosmetic brush, cosmetic case etc.
interior decoration: door and window, floor, wallboard etc.