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Water soluble embroidery underlay

as temporary carrier in embroidery, high-grade underwear, which are suitable to fashion and special fabric making

Time : 2014-08-28
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Cold water-soluble embroidered film is used as temporary carrier in embroidery. Because of its water-soluble feature, as long as over ten seconds in low temperature water, the film will be dissolved. And at this time, the mbroidery patterns will be fully rendered. The details of its’ characteristic performance as below:
* Special surface design and strong fragility tension, no skipping stitch, no combine stitch, no dislocated, no shifting.
* Environmental protection and without any side effects, non-toxic, non-pollution, formaldehyde-free, eventually degrade to CO2 and H2O;
*Cold water-soluble film can satisfy all kinds of strength demand of the embroidery bottom material.
* Cold water-soluble film can be used in high-grade underwear, fashion and special fabric making.